Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bundanon adventure begins...

Well I arrived yesterday here at the beautiful Bundanon Residence in the Kangaroo Valley NSW as I enter a my creative process, I AM SCARED!!

I have been busily planning and switching my headspace from the chaotic couple of months I've had moving from one project to the next and slowly settling into what it is that I want to achieve, explore and experience in this important and somewhat of a luxury period of time. But now I think and feel content that I have landed!

I feel a sense of calm, anticipation, pressure, fear, vulnerability and excitement as I begin my solo development of 100,000 frames, a live performance component to accompany edited film from my year long site specific dance project.

It feels timely to re-engage with the content, subjects, ideas, and hours of video that I spent a whole year of my life dedicated to and also very daunting. And it has definitely brought up questions around revisiting old projects, Are they really old? Do I really think there is value in continuing to explore it?

Yes! Site specific practice is central to my work and my artistic interest. I am driven to dance and to create in spaces that provide possibility, spark creativity and engage with unknowing audiences. The question is why and how to I take, manipulate, arrange, play with footage from a year of site specific dance and create a theatre work?

A bit of a paradox I know. Im dealing with it - I've got 2 weeks to untangle this twist.

Aims for the two weeks:
- challenge, provoke, stimulate, test, laugh, cry, be, relax, work
- cataloguing my videos will be an ongoing process
- yoga, imagining that Janine Proost or Amelia McQueen are guiding me through an hour of power!!
- blog here each day
- mind maps, on ample butchers paper I stole accidentally from Joe Simons
- site specific dance here at Bundanon each day
- create 'a something' to be shown in Canberra or Bathurst over the next month or two
(- Read The HOBBIT again, before the next movie)

I have today worked on sifting through the footage from 100,000 frames and compiling the edits of which I uploaded during the process into one film of 58 mins!!!  It provided  me with a refresher of all the spaces I was inspired to move within and a canvas for me to GO from.

Later I entered the studio and began to cut together some ideas/phrases from my previous blogs post texts as well as edit some film working from strong sounds from another clip. I really want to stretch how far I can push this filmic material, responding to it in multitude of ways and explore how far my process, my experience and my skills will allow me to take it - to a new place - that's it! -  I want the audience to feel specifically located with me. And by that I mean, as though they have experienced this project/process with me. The site specific nature of this solo is here with me in my process and in performance.

We'll see how this sits with me in studio tomorrow, but for now this seems to have given me a sense of clarity and direction.

Attached are some pics of my beautiful surrounds and some creatures greeting me along the way. Sublime!

Until tomorrow. x

"its a dangerous business Frodo, stepping out your door. You never know where you might be swept off to."
- Bilbo Baggins


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