Monday, 9 December 2013

ampitheatre amidst the trees

A warm and muggy day in Bundanon, And after an awesome Skype session with my beautiful friend Emi in Toronto where the max temp is -2 degrees I thought it a perfect day for some reflection, butchers paper updating, re-editing of movement and film and adventuring walks with the site dance.

It was a little hard to get going today but eventually got my motor running and learnt the whole river pebbles improv from the video edit to accompany some pool splashing audio. A kind of beautiful juxtaposition I hope of a dry, harsh and pebbled river bed with a luxurious yet sterile and artificial hotel pool. I worked on this tonight briefly with the projection, but further work to be done to sync my movements as best I can.

I also began experimenting with improvisation following out of the set movement I had created for the Dotty Dress. I also realised that it could work to have this scene separate to the original film in the running of the piece, but as a recurring motif. For me this specifically 'costumed' section is a comment on the face value, the image or aesthetic place that we often put ourselves and others in. I discovered some interesting scores I can use for improv in this section, including playing dot to dot!

After lunch and putting out a load of washing, the butchers paper was calling! I wanted to recollect my thoughts and nut out the why? The clarity of what each of the scenes I am creating is commenting on. I was quite certain with some of the sections - making statements environmentally, socially and communicating about artistic process, giving the audience a sensation of place - but others I hope to find their place by the time I leave on Sunday.

This afternoon I walked with Leon and Josie to the amphitheatre, which was a short walk along a beautiful track amidst stunning trees, bark and greenery. We arrived and I was stunned at the beauty of the rocks, the trees growing out from the escarpment, the textures and palate of greens, and smells and incredible canvas I was seeing. I watched on as Leon and Josie had a fly of their drone amidst the trees, quite a challenge to navigate, but they did really well to coordinate it with many obstacles. The footage would be beautiful! Well worth it. I then did some site dance on top of the beautifully moss patched rocks and underneath the cliff like rock that seemed to have been cut away by water. It was awesome to be moving here, and kind of felt insignificant and uninteresting as compared to the natural beauty around. I had fun none the less and think I'll come back here for some further adventures, if not just to sit, read or write.

After a quick review of some of the scenes with the projector now that the light drench studio had dimmed I ventured out to the black of night and amused myself with a head torch dance in the middle of some huge trees and a very barky/crunchy ground. I'm interested to use this footage as an improv score to follow the torch light, or like a glow worm insect, manipulating and leading my movements live in front of the projected film. Ill test this over the next day or so, I may need to re-shoot it.

Excited for a visitor and solid development time tomorrow so best get some rest.

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