Friday, 6 December 2013

show(ing) time!

Friday...Woah! A mammoth day.

I am writing this after sharing 25 odd minutes of what I am working on here at Bundanon with 5  artists who are also here in residence with me. Scary and I haven't felt that exposed, vulnerable and nervous in long time, but absolutely happy that I took a chance to do it. I truly yearned for the connection with an audience and to engage in dialogue with other artists after working solitary for 5 days.

It felt so motivating to work towards the showing - gotta love exquisite pressure!! And the
process of producing a full video edit of scenes, considering transitions and presentation throughout had me in a buzz of activity.

I worked hard to consolidate what I have been investigating this week as well as creating a live dance to accompany my Dotty Dress film. I compiled 5 scenes in total with a mix of video and performance into a loose structure. I knew that they still have a way to go, and maybe some don't work at all, but I wanted to test how they felt for the audience, for me to perform and to experiment with the assembly as a piece.

Out of this showing I aim to keep developing, keep pushing and going deeper into my interest in integrating spaces and environments in performance, bringing an adventure to audiences who can hopefully journey with me. I was offered some interesting suggestions, insights and feedback from the artists who so generous gave me their time and beautiful supportive energy. I was surprised and in awe that they were impressed with my film and sound editing as they are all video artists of some form and were transfixed my the layering effects I started to play with as well as repletion of text and movement mixed into video. yahoo! Thank you Josie, Leon, Chris, Greta and Matt!

Looking forward to tossing their ideas round in my head and body tomorrow as I edit, refine, chop and add to the work that is slowly starting to find a direction and physical/visual manifestation.

Josie and Leon tonight have also invited me to play/interact/dance with their drone with GoPro camera tomorrow by the river, and we have already conjured some crazy and quirky possibilities.

Right now I feel incredibly lucky, a little relieved, intrigued and curious, exhausted and adrenalised.

Bed has never looked so good!

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