Friday, 13 December 2013

the drone rangers, episode 2

Rose at an early 8am this morning to meet Josie and Leon, my fellow artists in residence, take on the beaming sun and visit the amphitheatre with for some more drone filming.

The warm light seeped through the trees onto the beautiful flat mossy rock I had had a dance on before, it was stunning! For this film I set myself a movement score, circular, linear and liquid as well as responding as though dancing organically with the drone. I had a ball doing this, engaging with the drone quite literally and at times offering a smile to the phantom, which is the name Leon and Josie have given it. My only regret is the end, which I so carelessly gave in and didn't perceive what effect this might have on the edit process.

Leon and Josie were happy with the take and we wanted to do another site, so after gathering some supplies and lathering up with sun block, headed to the river here at Bundanon. We found a beautiful headland of a small river beach and decided to do some water filming, exploring slow ground level movements as the drone hovered over, first with camera facing the river and then looking straight down. It was boiling hot, so I was relieved to be in the water, though he sun in my eyes facing straight up, was piercing. These takes were both incredibly fun, again aware of the drone, but also exploring the sense of the watery environment I was in. At time Leon came very close to me with the drone, which I loved and later saw the effectiveness of this footage.
Arriving back we peeked at the footage which looked awesome, so stoked to do another session with the drone, Leon and Josie. We chatted about collaboration and had some well deserved coffee and omelette (thanks Leon!).

I was eager to get into my day and begin to tackle editing some footage of my site dances here at Bundanon. choosing some music, which I think always helps in the flow of an edit, I spent a good 2 hours starting to compile these sites, spliced with rehearsal footage of me working the Dot studio. A nice contrast I think and representative of my experiences here.

This afternoon/evening I worked in the studio to record and edit some audio and movement for the joy component of the emotional place scene that is still well in development. It was an interesting ride to access physical states of joy, vulnerability and love within a 5 minute section and I am interested to see how this reads to an audience.

With night setting in I was able to use the projector to play with the head torch film material from the takes I took on Thursday and Monday nights. Thursday nights footage was unusable and decided to stick with one torch light anyway and test how I could let the projected torch/dot of moving light manipulate my movements and how I might interact with it in the space. Further experimenting to be done but found some interesting physical responses like blowing it, jumping over it, and letting it pull me around.

Finally I did a quick recap of some projection scenes, making use of the dark, as tomorrow I hope to film a proper run of all the scenes for my record and feel prepared for the showing in Canberra on Tuesday.

Time has just flown and can't believe it's my last full day here tomorrow, and although I have achieved a lot I feel as though I'm just starting to get into it.

If only more time, and well I guess there always is.

 being joyful?
river site dance
amphitheatre rock with drone

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