Thursday, 5 December 2013

A cheery old day!

I woke to the sound buzzing of quad bikes zooming past the Gonski accommodation where I am housed and with beautiful rays of sun streaming in, though I wish perhaps not sooo bright.
It seemed cooler. yes!

After brekkie on the veranda, (no sleepy roos today though) I ventured to the studio to begin warming up. Improv scores and sequences down the room, I didn't feel much like yoga. I wanted to move!

I continued by refreshing and refining my actually scene and edited the audio, testing some music underlayed with my voice but didn't think it worked. I was surprised to interrupted and informed that I should move because there are education workshops happening. This kind of really upset me for a second as it disrupted my already planned out day, but once I relocated to the Gonski studio, which is actually rustically quaint with paint stains all over the floor, I was super productive.

Here I refined a scene involving clips form my interactions with water during the blog project and significantly shortened it to hold both my interest and the audiences.

My fellow artists sharing both the Gonski accommodation and studio, Leon and Josie, were headed to the Bundanon Community Christmas party so I jumped at the chance to chat with others and get out for a few hours.

It was hosted at the Riversdale Homestead which just blew me way with the view and the architecture. I guess I didn't really realise the scale and beauty of Bundanon and hearing the CEO speak about the yearly achievements and joys I was incredibly humbled to be included in a small part of it.

You can check out some info about Riversdale, which is the Boyd Education Centre at Bundanon, with beautiful buildings designed by architect Glenn Murcutt. I spoke with some lovely people working for the trust in various capacities and opened my eyes to how much they actually do!

I also spoke at length with Greta and Matt, screen writers also in residence here at Bundanon, mostly about their processes, projects and goals. They create black comedy sketches which sounds fantastic and I can't wait to see some work! Hopefully tomorrow.

After picking up a few groceries and journeying back the  AIR complex I jumped into the studio again and began three site specific dances, one with the kangaroos just outside my window, another on the paint splotched floor (an art work in itself) and on the sculpturally intriguing water tanks. I took so much joy in doing this and it seemed to relocate me back into this practice - being spontaneous, being connected and engaged with the world around.

 I continued relearning 365 and played with possibilities of overlaying this with my strange attractor performance so that with the projection, the film of me performing and me actually performing live there will be 6 of me (with shadows). Don't know how effective this will be, but I'm going to have a play!

Before I hit the hay, I'm going to check out my site specific films from today.

Bring on Friday!

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