Saturday, 7 December 2013

river, refresh, reflect, restart

Saturday... woo! Day 6 of my residency at Bundanon, time is flying.

Woke this morning very sleepy and wanted to sleep more but also wanted to jump into the day.
Eventually clambered out of bed a little sore form the showing last night and balcony style in the glorious sun, reflected and jotted down some plans for further development post showing. Headed to the Dot studio for some brief sun salutes before meeting Josie and Leon to venture to the River (The Shoal Haven) for some aerial drone filming (for those of you who think I mean a long deep sound check out what it really is here)

Sun blocked up we chatted along the cow padded path to the River and set ourselves up in a little sandy river beach with a breathtaking view of the trees, rock escarpment and river.

We took 3 or 4 takes of me as a washed up lady on the rivers edge reacting to the alien like creature hovering above and invading my privacy, chasing me and manipulating my movement. Fun Fun! Leon was really skilled at manoeuvring the drone and interacting with me as I moved, sometimes very erratically, in response to it.
We did aerial shots straight down as well as tilting the GoPro facing towards me as though it had a face - and it did seem to come to life actually, a buzzing and inquisitive personality I'd say. Josie filmed from ground level on her SLR and with my Video Cam.

After our efforts I was covered in sand (and in all the wrong places) so jumped in the refreshing water to clean off before a little sun bake and the trek back to Bundanon. We reviewed the footage immediately and all three of us were pleased with the results. The shot looked incredible from above and never ever have I had the chance to interact so much with the camera, as though it was alive! I am so appreciative of the time and energy Josie and Leon spent with me, creating a truly unique film that I can hopefully integrate somehow in my project.

This afternoon I chilled a little, and did some research and reflection for the days ahead. Really loving the time to create, adventure, experiment, show and reflect. Decided to head back outside to do some more site filming. I tested a new process of choosing the site, setting the shot, improvising in the environment and in response to it, and then stream-of-consciousness writing immediately after my dance. I look forward to playing with this footage and the text/prose that came out of it tomorrow. This method seemed to have value and ill keep playing.

Here is an excerpt of my jumble: green that it almost seems sick. Motors buzz, but not then. There's always so much, the fence pluck it like strings. Deadly sound. Thongs are hardly appropriate for the farm rest on the post jump the fence, no the gate. Feel its buoyancy. Do I really want to get to the other...always greener, and in this case yes!...

Below are some stills from today's river drone site specific adventures.

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