Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A day that seemed and WAS perfect.

After waking late and a beautiful flowy yoga session with DCAF, I began to put my head down today to work towards refining and rehearsing scenes for another showing I hoped to present this evening.

I refined the edits of the Norwegian Opera House film and integrated/overlayed Lisa's, my awesome Norwegian friend who had returned my email. She had sent her voice grabs of some questions I asked her to answer about place, architecture and this building in particular - which is where we met! It was awesome to see that the film and audio seemed to merge nicely, but after the showing this evening I see that I need to work on the pacing still further of the video and thinking perhaps to incorporate my voice speaking Lisa's words too, so to have the colliding of language/culture united through place and our common interest dance/theatre.

I also worked on dotty dress chore and improv scores, getting closer to a structure that will communicate the sense of an aesthetic and image based place/site - in the dress! I am enjoying the confines of the framework and possibility within it each time I explore this scene but perhaps need to solidify more clearly to maintain audience engagement in clarity in what I am 'saying', which actually I need to clarify also.
I had a beautiful picnic lunch and a sublime siesta before heading back to the studio excited to recap and refine 6 scenes that I want to show this evening. I ran through each scene methodically, sometimes hard without the projector image/film as many of the scenes rely on this but the light is just to bright pouring into the space. But really I shouldn't complain in the least, the space is insanely beautiful and as I remarked tonight "I want this studio in my life". During rendering of the film and audio I busied myself with a site specific wine, wombat and bath dance, yes that's right, at sunset I danced in the field with a wombat, a bath soiled with poo and a glass of wine waiting for me and many kisses to be had with my guest camera man.
I am happy with how the showing went tonight and loved having DCAF around to bounce ideas off and hear is responses, thoughts and feedback. He thought it is accessible, powerful, personal and is very ME, in terms of my tendency to create quirky, fun and positive works. Over the moon with this I am excited to really nail it and bring it home over the next few days and still play with new and developing  ideas as well. I am hoping to do a showing next week in Canberra, to enable a further opportunity for dialogue and sharing of this practice and to fuel its ongoing development.
Greta and Matt, the screen writers also here at Bundanon, said a few days ago they think it an incredible project to keep working on throughout my life, to keep building this library of site specific dance films as I grow and change and develop over time. Talking to DCAF today he agreed and suggested the piece could be a series that could be an evolving expression of my relationship to this process, to space, to myself and the world in which I exist. Love it, and I absolutely can't resist this challenge and JOY!
An incredible day, with all the perfect lucky am I!

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