Saturday, 14 December 2013

rain relax and reflect

A beautifully cool and rainy day today, perfect for some culminating work to round off my stay here at Bundanon.

I woke and donned my joggers for an early morning walk and some site dance down towards the homestead, I was hoping to capture a shot with the vibrant 'purple trees', but a little disappointed with their density of flowers I sat and wrote a little. A reflective verse I think you might call it about my time here at Bundanon:


Abun-dance of space,
calm, yet so active
thoughtful, imagine
experiments that bubble
up over the Cambewarra Mt.
A shot in time
glimpse to his-story
Studio dance
amidst a half done canvas
slumber deep, analysis
to feed
a lifelong curiosity
we will see

Walking back to the residence I was enticed by the sandstone wall of the Bundanon homestead and could not resist doing a site dance here. It was amusing to play with moving under and focussing on the single window. I was surprised that on the whole side their is only this one window, but I suppose all the window were strategically placed to over look the river. What fun this was to dance early into my day in the cool and refreshing air.

After brekkie, coffee in hand, I sat down to do some serious edit work on a film I started yesterday that I hoped would be a summary of my time here, site and studio dance as well as collaboration with other resident artists (and resident wildlife). Have a squiz below. It was great fun and packaged up my memories, discoveries and experiments very well.

This afternoon after some other boring emailing and admin artists buis-o, ran over to the studio through the steady gentle rain and began to refine and film scenes I hope to present on Tuesday. Josie and Leon had invited me to a BBQ this evening so wanted to achieve a good recap before a relaxed finale evening. Feeling content with leaving the projection work for rehearsal on Tuesday headed to the BBQ, whipped up a salad and met Kate (a lovely friend of Josie ad Leon) ad together spent the evening chatting, laughing eating and sipping. I felt guilty and then refreshed by the wonderful and sometimes trivial conversations we were having, but loved every second to wind down and just be IN the place and enjoy its company. Kate, another video artist and obvious avid historian, gave me some great insights about song lines of indigenous peoples in Australia, and that depending on the surface they would travel, move and sing in differently between sites. ie if it was sand or thick bush they would sing/move in a particular way.  I found this fascinating in regards to the connection between site and movement and artistic/cultural expression. Looking forward to doing some anthropology study on this.

A beautiful evening and peaceful day, feeling lucky, creatively chard=ged and a little bit drained.
In the mowing I hope to do a walk, a little studio recap time, advanced packing up and chat to David here at Bundanon before heading home to Canberra.

A mind, body and soul opening, two weeks! - and the best part was I got to dance AND enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the world underneath our feet.

"dance, dance otherwise we are lost"- Pina Bausch

Leon, Josie and myself.
Thanks guys you are beautiful people and incredible drone rangers!

Bundanon Recurring - a summary of adventures during my residency.

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