Wednesday, 4 December 2013

heat of the day

Well it is super hot here at Bundanon and enjoyed wearing not much and sweating a whole lot in the studio and even when I suit to have a break or do some editing.

I think from now on, looking at the weather, it seems it will cool down a little which allow a little more comfort in delving deeper physically.

Today I have thought a lot about the purpose of this project and redefining in my head and on paper why it is interesting to me and why it should be for others too. Something every artist should consider but not an easy task but I must.

So after last nights revelation of a aim to locate the audience in the studio with me as well as into my journey of exploring the 365 environments and spaces, I have run with this.

After a beautiful flowy yoga session this morning I began compiling footage for a scene that encapsulates my experiences during the project with water. It has made me ask questions and realise the importance of water in our lives, culture and for survival. I played with some improvising then relearned some of the improv from a film in the pool. Quite hard to learn without the buoyancy of water!

I also played with the projector (thanks D-CAF! x), I found the light in the day too bright to make use of it effectively so stuck with editing some more scenes, audio and text, playing with both improv and repetition of phrase material.I created a scene called actually.. which draws text direct from this blog in 2012. It highlights the repetitive and monotonous yet fruitful process of this project, and that each day and each dance are completely unique and different even though starting often times with the same preparation.

Some ideas I am contemplating:
- utilising my recent work with verbatim text, interviewing the other artists here about their connection to place, and maybe even specifically this place.
- drawing the attention of the work to the importance of place/environment, bring the outside in, and take them outside!
- blogging live in the performance about how it is going, locating them inside my brain!

Today I was also suddenly and passionately motivated by my belief and interest in the body (and dance) as a mode of communication and thinking how the body and its relationships to space and place can conjure all kinds of memories, thoughts, possibilities, connections for the audience, even if they don't know where or haven't been there in the flesh, my aim is to locate them there!! 

Ok well as I sit here in the dark with bugs crawling all over me because of my computer screen, I might give it a rest!

More tomorrow. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

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