Thursday, 12 December 2013

creative vulnerabilty

After a relaxed morning dropping Dave at the bus in Moss Vale, I had a beautiful potter about and drove back to Bundanon to start my days work. I didn't mind this lag in starting so much, good to reset and refresh and get out of the studio after yesterdays progress.

I arrived back and had meeting with Josie and Leon to view their draft edit of the river drone filming we did on the weekend. It was really well edited and the shots from above and at ground really show the action and landscape just beautifully as well as my strange relationship to the drone. I suggested perhaps a shorter opening to the first film starting lying in the water and hope to tomorrow have a play around with the footage myself just for fun and see how different (or the same) it might be. They had in mind some further drone adventures exploring some rocky, leafy and river sites on the property which excited me greatly. They thought that perhaps this time my relationship could be more organic and comfortable and as though dancing with the drone around me. So tomorrow we will rise early and be the drone rangers once again!

After meeting them and a quick bite to eat at 3pm I was thinking a lot about where to go from here. Even though I had some scenes in mind for development and refining, I was actually feeling a little low, almost a come down, after the adrenalin and emotionally charged time from yesterday. And I think this statement helps shed light a little bit on the way I was feeling-

A note about creative people : "Like the color white that includes all colors, they tend to bring together the entire range of human possibilities within themselves. Creativity allows for paradox, light, shadow, inconsistency, even chaos –and creative people experience both extremes with equal intensity" - creativity scholar Mihaly Csikszentmilhalyi

I was keen to delve further into this idea of emotional place and I guess I felt in the perfect zone to do so. I brainstormed and researched the concepts of joy and vulnerability and ended up writing another poem, quite erratic and stimulated from thoughts of now and memories of performance, creating and putting myself and my ideas out there. With the writing that ensued and I headed to the studio to create a phrase of movement to accompany it, though I am still stewing over whether this is the best or most communicative way to express physical vulnerability. Perhaps simply standing a reading the text, without my most natural/prevalent form of art expression -  movement, renders me more vulnerable?

At dusk I headed to the road that leads into Bundanon and did some site specific dance on and next to the road and a speed sign. It provoked some shaking skipping and looking movements that repeated and grew in intensity. Back in the studio waiting for dark,  I quickly reviewed some phrase material for my muscle and text memory and did some cool down yoga and deep stretching which I really have needed more in this residency at the end of the day but have neglected to do so. It felt luxurious to spend the time to do so, and my body is thanking me hopefully.

At dark I stepped outside and up the hill slightly into a backdrop of tall trees, set my camera and mounted my head torch. I refilmed a dancing torch light scene so as to make sure the torch and my head stayed in the frame this time. I look forward to playing with this as an improv score tomorrow eve I hope.

Bed is very inviting right now and keen to have an early night to restore energy for fun with the drone tomorrow.


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