Tuesday, 18 December 2012

the dotty dress..

As my final post for this epic project, I decided to add some music and break the rules a little. This film was made for showing at the Canberra Short + Sweet Dance season as I knew I wasn't able to perform live this year, but thought it relevant to post here as a final hurrah!!

I had such a ball whipping this up in about a day, using the rhythm/score of the music and in a way telling of the process, the beginning and ending of this whole project as I walk away and towards the camera, setting it up in all these weird and wonderful places.

I had chosen for this final leg of the project to wear the same dress to create some consistency to the subject as I move from space to space. This made it really fun to edit, especially close ups of the dress. I noticed how similar each filmed dance was, from set up to finish, but loved the variety of the space which made them also so markedly different.

I have added a contrast/brightness filter to this film, something a bit new to me, which gives it a sharper, 'arty' touch, why not...

I have recently been excited and motivated by questions of: what's next for 100,000 frames? where to now??? (ideas welcome) I have been granted a 10 day Bundanon residency for November 2013 and I am eager I think to develop a live performance element and complete reworking or organisation of the footage I have collected during this residency. Can't wait!

Feeling a little sad yet mostly satisfied with this project, and see that undertaking it has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and where my interests lie. It has been challenging, frustrating, joyous, fulfilling, surprising, burdensome, trivial, revealing...and I am definitely considering undertaking another project of this nature in the future, to cure some of my withdrawal symptoms...

Thanks for supporting and watching...enjoy!

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