Thursday, 22 December 2011

a little more time to play

Well it has been a great 10 days or so, with a little more time on my hands to really just play around with some different spaces. A favourite was an area of rocks near a storm water drain, I loved playing with the risk of the uneven surface of the ground and making my way through it like a labyrinth.

I have noticed that I really like to be outdoors where possible, that it's more interesting and stimulating to be in an outdoor space or at least in a space where there are other people in the vicinity. Also to simply get outside and be somewhere a little unconventional is so refreshing and takes me away from the usual inside a studio, or at a desk, or in a shop...

Another great thing about this project, as I realised when I was explaining to someone the other day about this project, is how much I like the interaction with other people in the space when I am performing, I really seem to feed off it and it brings out some really interesting movement and responses form me and the people around me. It also makes it more real for me and makes me think about what they must think and how it has affected them...if at all??

The person also asked me why I was doing this blog, and I responded “for my sanity and for my self”. And though sometimes it’s hard to commit to doing it each day, once I do it’s definitely its own reward. Especially in this busy Christmas season, just to be alone and with my own agenda, engaging in my artistic practice in effect like a ritual, and to make people stop and look and be surprised by something in their day, feels just awesome!!

Ok so here is 7th installment. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

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