Thursday, 1 December 2011

Indoors vs Out

It has been an interesting week, so many variations in the weather that I have had to certainly improvise when it comes to finding innovative spaces to perform and film in. It has been very wet on and off, with some very steamy and hot days, so I have inevitably delved deeper into exploring the indoor spaces that I encounter in my life that seems to be winding up as the year comes to an end. I have been so run off my feet with work that I have found it really difficult, I must be honest, keeping this filming/editing/blogging process going.

Despite this chaos what I have noticed and enjoyed exploring, and also I guess documenting, is the range and diversity of my life activities at the moment. Working for myself, teaching for others, working in a commercial/retail environment has really opened up possibilties to explore some unique spaces. I particularly enjoyed dancing in the back store room of the retail shop I am currently a Christmas casual for and in the change room at David Jones....classic, if only the shop assistants knew the shinaningans I was getting up to!!

So here is the next installment, I have cut the first 2mins of the film to date (to make upload and watching the new stuff easier). Enjoy!

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