Tuesday, 13 December 2011

playing catch up

Finally I have caught up on filming and editing and I'm up to date!!
Was getting a little behind the times there for a while, but definitely going to try and not let this happen again.

Starting to quiet down a bit now at the end of the year and looking forward to just focusing on this, pushing myself out of my comfort zone in terms of spaces and movement choices. It is starting to become habitual and uninteresting to perform, so definitely need to shake it up a bit!

Over the past 2 weeks (gahhhh I can't believe its been that long since my last post) I have experienced some peaks and troughs in the way I’m feeling about this endeavor, it was a little like a chore sometimes, mostly because I didn't have the time to give it the full attention it needed. Other times it has been a welcome release from my other work.

The spaces I have explored tend to be more specific to where I have been working, along my general daily pathways, at QL2 studio and theatre and the park outside the preschool I teach at for example. Still, they have been interesting none the less, turning a familiar space or environment into a performance area, even if I'm the only one there to experience it!

A highlight was filming the end of class for Quantum Leap company training - an open improvisation where I danced with the teenage students for 10 minutes instead of teaching them, was a wonderful feeling. Also revisiting New Acton, the site of a more formalised site specific group performance I was involved in last year, was very interesting. Seeing how the space has transformed and the business of the complex has expanded. People seemed curious and taken aback by my being there and doing that!! even in this art friendly environment...love it!!

6th Installment, this excerpt starts from Day 18 to Day 57.

Let me know any ideas you have for spaces I can explore. Would be great to get some inspiration and feedback!! Cheers

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