Monday, 21 November 2011

having a bit too much fun

Into the 5th week of 100, 000 frames and I am just having a ball venturing into new and unchartered territory (for me at least).
Even though I haven't posted for a while I've been rigorous with keeping the filming going each day, and I enjoy the 10-20mins to my self to be a bit wacky, creative and spontaneous.

It has been especially fun this last week, as it was Short + Sweet, Dance festival here in Canberra. Such a great time to be inspired by what others are doing and share with new and creative people what I am interested in. It was also the first time I have articluated that I am doing this project to anyone, but if im doing it I might as well share it, otherwise what's the point!

I love forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone and committ to the dance even when people start speaking to me or shouting at me or interacting with me, these are the most interesting, fun and challenging parts.
Sometimes I wish that I could show more than 10secs a day, beacuse sometimes a bit of context of the site makes it even more unusal, like dancing on a roof top next to solar panels, or at a petrol station when I needed to fill up. But the 10 secs of each day will have to suffice, otherwise it will be too huge by the time 300 days comes.


So here is the latest version. If you are so inclined please post some comments/feedback - good, bad, whatever or suggestions of sites that I could explore... I would love to hear from anyone!

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