Friday, 11 November 2011

its beginning to shape...into... something..??

Well, along with a very busy week, the film is beginning to come together into something a llittle bit interesting...I hope... I have really enjoyed diversifying the spaces which I select, especially to try to include more interaction with public areas/people. A particularly enjoyable site this week was by the lake, people were walking/riding by and I really enjoyed their reactions and my interactions with them.

I feel like I should start to expand further still the areas which I choose to do the filming, not just sticking perhaps to the places/sites of my everyday pathways. Though lately it has been necessary as I have been so busy with a multitude of projects and jobs going on and the weather has been very mixed, 2 storms and lots of rain, which definitely seemed somehow to limit me in my willingness to investigate more interesting areas.

I'm really enjoying seeing the film unfold and I'm glad that I have begun this adventure, as I know that with each performance, each day, I am developing as an artist and I might just, if im lucky,  have the slightest affect on the poeple around me too.

More soon!!

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