Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Juggling it all

Ok so its Day 16 and all going along smoothly, juggling my everyday work, teaching and creating/rehearsing with this project has been interesting but really motivating actually, giving me a bit more direction which needed..

The diversity of spaces that I have explored over this past week has had its ups and downs, I definitely know the feeling of being comfortable and inspired to perform in the space and on the other hand just moving in an unusual site with no real connection to it. I have had a bit more contact with other people and have tried to take more risks with the 'exposure' so to say of the sites I choose, as well as integrating the process into whatever I may be up to that day. A particular favorite this week was the tennis courts that I found tucked behind some shops, was really  interesting what came up for me, experimenting with physicality in an athletic way, but stylised.

On another note it has been a little lonely this week, realising that not just this project is a solo thing but that probably any practice (including mine) as an artist is really quite a lonely place.  To accept this or find ways to make it different I'll try to consider as the year unfolds.

So I have uploaded the 2nd version of 100,000 frames which is slowly growing each week.

Do I have any followers out there... love to hear from you....

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