Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 10 check in

Well just 10 days into 100,000 frames I find myself excitied, challenged and time poor...and im not even that busy!!

I have been disciplined enough to film 10 mins every day in a new space which so far I have found actually really rewarding, interesting and motivating. But the editing time I need to manage more effectively. I had started to edit each days footage into a 1 minute film and then select the best 10 seconds (250 frames) from this to feature in the actual 100,000 frames film.
I am debating whether to continue to do this or to just focus on the main film????

The reason I have done this is that I find the footage more interesting if I show the moving body exploring different aspects of the space, providing a broader illustration of the site speciifc performance that unfolded each day, rather than just a short snippet that gives barely a glimpse. Perhaps I will do this selectively for days where I think the performance, site and footage was particularly interesting. Plus its a great way to practice my editing and review performances on a whole.


Today I have uploaded with this post the first 10 days of 100,000 frames. It is interesting to note my choices in sites, a mix of both outdoor locations (the weather has been glorious) and indoor spaces. I have tried to make each day a reflection of my activities for that day, for example the underground carpark, was where I parked my car overnight on Saturday and went to pick it up on Sunday. I think though I can afford to do this more effectively and not be afraid to push the boundaries of where I may perform, and integrate this process of filming everyday into my daily activities. I have started a list of interesting spaces for this project for days when I feeling less than inspired or not particularly busy. I will continue to add to this and try to think outside the square.

I have aslo noticed when reviewing the footage that I have filnmed each day that it takes me a few minutes to settle and be conmfortable in the space, I find myslef trying to hard to constrcut movement and force it into the space rather than letting the points of interest in the interaction with the space simply unfold.

Ok enough for now, I will check in again in a few days!

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