Tuesday, 18 October 2011

2 down...363 to go.

So after the first 2 days of my 100,000 frames project I feel quite invigorated by the whole experience of this craziness that I have taken a leap into. Some of the footage I know will be straight to the reject pile, but amongst a lot of waft and faff are some great images of a moving body in the spaces that have become unlikely stages. Stages that connect to normal life more I think than a black box would.

Actually the whole process of making each performance happen each day.; planning the time that I will complete it, changing my clothes/shoes, charging camera battery, choosing on a site, packing myself up with equipment, setting the shot, observing the environment and exploring the environment and myself within it, reflecting before and after.....  all processes that amplify my own observations of myself and my nature/characteristics as an artist.

Day 1, 17/10/11
Time: 4:18pm
Site: My Carport brick wall
Clothing: Blue Jeans, blue floral top
Weather: Sunny :)
Thoughts/feelings/ideas before: 
Can't really imagine what it's going to be like, half sun, half shade. DIRT. Handy wall, shelter, hands grappled, little memory of past resident, light warms my back...begin.
Thoughts/feelings/ideas after: 
Rough abrasive, enjoyed the development and mix between an exploration of the textures/physicality of the environment and my own movement instinct. Moments of uncertainty, self consciousness, finger/hands prominent. What's around the corner? For this? For this next year? who knows..

Day 2, 18/10/11
Time: 3:35pm
Site: Main road underpass/drain
Clothing: Grey pants, yellow singlet, black long sleeve top.
Weather: Sunny
Thoughts/feelings/ideas before: 
Scaling the ramped sides along stone walls, memories of a fall and a break, light at the end of the tunnel? Rumblings, revs from above an echo from long past. The darkened concrete of the drain, where a trickle once skipped along, over exposed light into the cavernous tube.
Thoughts/feelings/ideas after: 
Love playing with the light, body in silhouette, and also the long channel-like nature of the space, not sure that the scaling of walls was very effective. Walking into and out of light and central channel more interesting. Noticed I have trouble sticking with an idea physically- anxious.

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