Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Silly Season!!!

Well what a festive season it has been! I've had many interesting adventures along my travels and activities over Christmas and New Year, which has been very busy but as always the best time of the year!!

Some of my favourite experiences of 100,000 frames so far have happened in this last edit; dancing amongst the Christmas lights, a family watching me intently as I danced near the driver reviver on Christmas eve, a 2 year old girl joining me for a dance on the ground floor of the mall, the train from Olympic Park to Lidcombe in Sydney on NYE....all were great fun and seemed so much more surprising to me in what unfolded during the improvisation. It feels also like I kind of gave myself permission to be a little crazy and just went with whatever happened.

I'm noticing too the importance of changes in depth of shot, having a variance in being close to the camera as well as distanced from it. The focus in the shot changing from a particular body part to my whole body, from site to site, is really interesting when it comes to the editing process and allows a greater use of the camera as a framing medium, to draw attention to things that perhaps we wouldn't ordinarily focus on. This is demonstrated perhaps in the washing up dance, where the movements of my hands are the main point of interest.

Similarly I have been attempting to play more with the idea of coming into and out of the shot/frame, marking the space (when I can) to where I would be in and out of shot. This is also an intriguing creative choice, for me as the performer but also forces the viewer to think outside the box as well as focus in on the characteristics of the space that I have chosen to shoot.

So Enter 2012!!! Excerpt below features Day 47 to Day 78. Enjoy. :)

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