Thursday, 2 February 2012

experiencing some technical difficulties...

I realise this post has been a long time coming and I take comfort in the fact that I have finally done it, because well I had to overcome a few little barriers to finally get to the stage where I could upload this next video.

Firstly since my last post I have started using a new laptop, meaning that I have had to transfer all my video clips and editing software to an external hard drive then to a new computer system. Ok this is fair enough, but then the silly software chucks a wobbly and decides that it doesn't like this new home (windows 7 operating system) which means I can't edit and save and upload the new footage. Gahhhhh!!!!

So I try multiple suggestions from online forums to fix this problem. After some stress attacks, freaking out that I'd done all this work and now I'm not going to be able to continue it, what a waste, woe is me type scenario etc, etc...BUT thanks to dear old Dad I finally solved the issue, (which i still don't really know what is was, but if it works who cares!!).  

But secondly I have moved to a new town (or old town in my case) and been intently busy with a new project. This has been joyous, but very consuming. Having the filming everyday has been strangely relaxing and calming, redirecting my creative side, stopping me from getting to 'heady' with anxious thoughts about the project ahead.

So this video documents Day 79 to Day 102, a few last days of holiday/family time travelling, as well as settling in and exploring new (but old) town/home. I particularly enjoyed filming at my Uncles farm at sunset and finding some contrast in extreme close ups (hair on floor) and wide shots. Enjoy!

I am currently undertaking a new approach to 100,000 frames, choosing a theme and sticking with it for 10 days or so (till the next post). I've decided to film next to or utilising some sort of signage, so hmmm... we'll see how that goes. But I thought it could be interesting to place a commonality or restriction to the freedom that I had been experiencing, and see how I deal with it, and try and make it interesting each time even with the similar spatial features.

Anyway more on that next time!

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