Monday, 23 July 2012

momentum in the moment

This upload documents my activities over the past few weeks, settling back into work after some adventures in the outback. The spaces are contrastingly man-made and stark in comparison to the silence, beauty and rarity of the landscapes that I managed to capture in the last post. But to notice and record this diversity of my geographical and physical movements is pretty awesome too. I did miss the tactile and vast nature of the spaces from outback, getting down and dirty in the red sand for example and rolling on the incredibly smooth stones, was juxtaposed in my mind with the cleanliness and rigidity of the constructed spaces that I tend to explore here.

With these performances, I consciously chose to take my camera with me on more work, leisure and errand activities to find something interesting within unlikely and unconventional times and spaces. I found that when I made this choice I consciously made the effort to perform somewhere on that outing and they proved to be quite unique, which was fun... particularly enjoyed performing the table at a restaurant (subtle though it was).

I also realised that I love playing with light, finding spaces that use strong pools or strips of light from a window, door, car lights which seem to naturally create a double frame almost and a focus for the movement in the space.

Editing this film I noticed strong patterns of movement, repeated from day to day, and a nervous and continuous energy that I found hard to shake. Perhaps with the momentum of life speeding up again my brain and body have become a little consumed by this. Similarly I noticed I began to choose similar angles of shots, like a default mode, so I am looking to break these habits for the next post. Shifting the framing and proximity of body to the camera.

 So here is excerpt 13. Woah!!! Its getting closer to the end (October).... but I secretly don't want it to end!!!

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