Thursday, 4 October 2012

almost there...

Yes, I have been a little absent from posting these past months, but nearing the end I thought I better get my act together and put my editing hat on.

With this excerpt I have consciously tried to capture unusual spaces, varied my shot depth and frame composition to really try to mix up and provide contrast with each new clip.

The sites still follow my patterns of everyday work life - car trips in the countryside and studio time, and play life - with shots for example on the Manly Ferry, one of my favourite spaces I have done to date. A lovely helpful gentleman held the camera as I flounced around on the deck, wind blowing my hair, much to the delight of onlookers.

Nearing the end of this project I am beginning to realise how much I enjoy site specific performance and am definitely interested to pursue it further as a part of my practice. One of the main reasons I think this is, is because I can give myself permission to dance anywhere anytime, without specific audience, purpose....etc. another reason is that I think dancing outside opens up a whole new world of physical stimulus beyond the closed box/blank canvas if you like of a studio, there are so many variables and therefore responses to an outdoor uncontrolled space.

I recently performed a new work at BEAMS Festival 'construct-her' in which I plant a garden in the middle of the road, a comment on the way we construct nature in an ever increasing concrete world. The way people seemed to engage with it was really rewarding, people were actually compelled to come up and tell me how much they enjoyed it, how unexpected it was, which was awesome to hear because all the while I have been doing this film project for me, which realistically is a selfish thing I guess, so it is great to see that when placed in an artistic context like a festival that this kind of performance goes beyond me and can affect others too.

Ok well take 14...

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