Thursday, 5 July 2012

All around the place

So I started this excerpt of video in the midst of creative devlopment project in Canberra and have since been involved in two others, which has been incredible, lucky me!! One was in Bathurst an amazing group of performers and the other 70ks from Alice Springs, in the outback.
Experimenting in the different places and contexts has been a real artistic wake up for me over the past month, looking forward to making decisions about where would be the most interesting space to perform/film as each day unfolded. the more foreign the better. I loved immersing myself in a space that seems to have, from my perspective, undetermined potential or unchartered territory, the unknown is exciting!!!

Being out in the bush, amidst a diversity of different natural landscapes was particularly revitalising, from river stones, to the muddy river bed, to thick grass land, a red sand hill...etc and words cannot describe how awesome it was to be in these spaces, the silence and peacefulness of the environment is striking. And as we noted on our trip, it just is. It is when we are there in it, and it is when we are not.

Something I considered quite a bit when on my bush theatre adventures was who was the audience? Was I performing for nature or for myself? I tried to play between these and realised that for me I find it much easier with an audience, ie. people, so it did become a little challenging when it literally was just me moving in vast space. But ultimately, at least for this project, each filming experiment is an exploration of space, and my relationship to it, and that was what kept my interest.

Favourite moments during this post include performing in 'No Place' showing, at the airport, the red sand hill, and up the tree. The sense of play for me is a big part of it, and in spaces I felt free to go with that

ok well here it is...


  1. Brilliant. I love it. Just keep dancing, this is what you do. It doesn't matter if you have a show to perform or a piece to choreograph, just keep dancing. Respect.


  2. thanks for your comment Trilby, yes i just see it as a way to constantly and accessibly engage in my practice, and as you say just to get in and do it! cheers