Thursday, 31 May 2012

back in the swing of it...

Ok so it has been a while... hmmm well perhaps a little more than a while, but after a few months of blogging absence I'm back and determined to finish, if only for self satisfaction and most probably not artistic brilliance.

So although I haven't been posting, I've been keeping the performing/filming going mostly everyday, but now I have arrived at a backlog of editing that I need a week to sift through. But here is the past 20 days captured in my transitions from a few places, Bathurst, Cowra, Canberra, Sydney and Canberra again. With these performances I tried to capture a moment in the day when it seemed unlikely, random, unspecific even, perhaps a little mundane, but never the less an insight into my life, my pathways, my movements. I notice I go through patterns of close ups with details of body etc. mixed in with wide physical moving shots. Movement patterns also seem obvious to me, but maybe not so for the viewer. A particular highlight was in an exhibition room at the MCA in Sydney, rolling around with pillow and looking up at the artwork on the ceiling, I think other visitors thought I was part of the art, and well I guess I was maybe, for just that snippet of time...

Currently I'm working in Canberra with Adelina Larsson and an amazing group of improvisation performers, a sound artist, video artist and set designer, on a project called 'No Place' which is exploring 'hypnogogia' the state of transition from wakefulness to sleep or sleep to wakefulness. It has been a brain fry for me in a lot of ways, as we try to access the subconscious mind and body whilst actually being aware and active simultaneously in the physical reality. I am enjoying the challenge of exploring the tension between these, and makes me consider how I might channel my subconscious, which seems for me to have more connection to the imagined, into the improvised scores that I do for filming. How can I channel these tools and experiences of accessing the subconscious into my everyday act of performing in a specific space? Can I choose a space and a state or a score and experience the performance as something apart from or additional to, the physical reality.

Woahh... anyway, this is what I am going to attempt.

go forth and imagine... :)

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